4 Tips For Sweat-Proof Makeup

Summer is upon us and while getting outside to enjoy the soaring temperatures is highly recommended, it can lead to melting makeup. I can't think of much that I dread in the summer more than feeling my makeup slide down my face. All that time trying to look my best, wiped out in a matter of minutes. To prevent this, start by using a wet product, like a liquid foundation, underneath a dry product like a face powder. Here's what do to: Use oil-free foundation. Choose a formula with the mineral silica. it soaks up moisture and make up stays put. You can find it in compact and liquid versions. Lock in liner with shadow. To keep your trusty eye pencil in place, apply powder shadow of the same color right on top of the line with an eyeliner brush. This sets waxy ingredients often found in pencils. Shelve creamy blushes. Cream blushes look soft and lovely but they tend to travel when skin is wet. Use powder blushes which are also much easier to blend. Finish with powder. Combat oiliness and sweat with a sheer face powder. If you are worried about it building up in fine lines, apply it lightly using a large brush. There you have it. If you need to be made up this summer, follow these tips to keep your makeup looking grand.

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