4 Ways Believing In Fate F*cks Up Your Love Life

Fate is a strange thing. To believe in fate, especially when it comes to your romantic life, is to leave any awful lot up to chance. Most things worth having in life, that perfect job, that perfect body, are worth working toward so why do we think that our love life should be any different? Sitting back and waiting for fate to take the reins makes a mess of your relationships more than it helps them:


It makes us overanalyze our relationships.

In this case, fate sabotages your relationship before it even has the chance to really start. If you find you have to put work into your relationship, you may assume that s/he must not be 'the one.' Fate wouldn't make us have to work for it. To what extent should we have to go to make sure a relationship is running smoothly before it can be deemed unfit? Fate makes us run in circles. Over and over and over. 10276815

It prevents us from taking leaps of faith.

The cute guy or girl you see on the subway. You'd like to meet, maybe go for coffee. But if it were meant to be, s/he would approach you. But that doesn't happen. It almost never just happens. Life isn't the movies. Don't be indecisive.


It gives us tunnel vision for our careers.

This may not be an entirely bad thing but it does signal an imbalance. You spend all of your time working on you because your belief in fate tells you to not bother looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. You're great at your job, you own your workout at the gym. You do all the things functioning members of society are supposed to do. You also let connections slip through your hands. You are so busy getting ahead at work that you've failed to see your work life balance is heavily tilted toward work. 11341142

It makes for awkward dinner conversation.

When your well meaning family asks why you haven't met anyone yet, you are never really sure how to answer. "Oh, fate hasn't brought me anyone yet" as a response only makes you sound a little neurotic. The last thing you need is that kind of teasing from your kid brother! tumblr_n30scyfmuM1tomt1co1_500 Believing in fate alone, leaves too much up to chance. Fate and chance might put people in your path but doing something about it is entirely up to you. So tomorrow, when you see that cute person on your commute, flash a smile, say good morning. Fate works a whole lot better if you help it along.  

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