4 Ways to Lose Weight Without Harming Your Health

In today's society, we can often become obsessed with body image. Photoshopped, airbrushed models become our fitness goals and some of us resort to desperate measures to attain them. But losing weight means finding healthy, safe alternatives to our lifestyle choices. Here are 4 effective ways to shed some unwanted weight without sacrificing your well-being. 1) Shed The Sugar   Sugar is running rampant in our diets nowadays and we are addicted. Sugar can cause belly fat, cardiovascular issues and nervous system damage. The best first step to a healthier, thinner you, is to say goodbye to sugar! 2) Yoga   Yoga is an enlightening practice which benefits you physically, mentally and spiritually. It eases depression, anxiety and improves hypertension. Getting in touch with your inner yogi will aid in your weight loss journey, and will do wonders for you emotional health. 3) Fruits and Veggies   Fruits and veggies are not only nutritious, but filling and high in water content. Increasing your fruit and veggie intake will amp up your metabolism, cleanse your digestive system and keep you feeling full and fuelled. 4) Keep a Food Journal    You will learn about your eating habits best by tracking them. Write down your dietary intakes for one week and try estimating the sugar and sodium you have consumed. You will be surprised and want to make changes right away! What are your healthy weight loss secrets? Let us know!

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