4 Ways to Save Your Almost Spoiled Produce

We tend to grocery shop at the beginning of the week with healthy intentions in mind. We opt for fresh and organic produce that will benefit our bodies in a multitude of ways. But as the week unfolds, we find ourselves buried deep in work or other commitments that take us away from spending time to eat what we bought. And when the weekend arrives and we have a minute to spare, we notice the majority of our expensive foods are close to going bad! But before you give up on the good stuff and throw it all out, try these tips to save yourself a premature trip to the grocery store and utilize your almost spoiled produce. zucchini 1. Grate your zucchini or carrots. There are so many things you can do with grated veggies like zucchini and carrots. Sprinkle them atop your salad, sauté them in your veggie stir-fry, or even mix with an egg and flour to make a tasty batter for making fritters. 2. Juice your leafy greens. They can go bad quickly, but before they turn into a rotten mush, throw them in the juicer for a nutritious and filling midday snack. 3. Wrap your asparagus. When this vegetable starts to get soft, simply sauté it up and incorporate into your veggie wrap or even as a filling for your taco. 4. Ferment your green beans. May seem strange, but it's really not that out of the ordinary! Make a fermented pickle by chopping them into even, one-inch pieces and stuffing them into a wide-mouth pint jar. Make sure to leave about 2 inches at the top. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons sea salt to 2 cups filtered water to create a brine for covering the beans. Use a smaller jar to keep the beans submerged, and then place a clean kitchen towel over the top. Make sure to leave the jar at room temperature for three to seven days. Here's a simple guide to follow: saving produce Have you tried any of these techniques? Source: Greatist

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