4 Ways To Begin Exercising When You're Carrying Extra Weight

If you are overweight and looking to start exercising, you may find yourself in a difficult position. The weight you are carrying can lead to injury. "Joint and foot pain are common problems," says Baltimore orthopedist Stuart Miller, MD, who oversaw a recent survey of 6,000 adults that linked high BMI with foot and ankle woes. So what should you do? Follow this advice, that's what!

Go Slow

"Start with just 10 minutes a day," says Miller. Once things become more comfortable try bumping that up to a half hour. Work toward 30-60 minutes a day.

Mix It Up

Give your joints a rest by mixing in non-weight bearing exercises like cycling or swimming.

Stretch It Out

Stretching is the most effective way to avoid plantar fasciitis, a common pain in the heel. Stand an arms length from the wall, place one foot behind the other, keeping your heels down and your knees straight. Brace yourself with your arms and lean into the wall so you will feel your calf stretch.

Support Your Soles

Insoles like Spenco or Superfeet are wonderful as they distribute weight evenly over the foot which eases impact. And remember, stay positive. Be confident and proud. Small changes lead to big changes. You've got this! Have you lost a large amount of weight? How did you avoid injury in the beginning? Share with us! Source: Prevention  

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