4 Ways to Take Control of Your Food Addictions Right Now

Today was the day. So was yesterday. But tomorrow, you promise you'll leave those donuts alone once and for all and get on the healthy train. The problem with sticking to a well-balanced meal plan are cravings. They consume you. All you can think about is what you can't eat, and it makes it all that more desirable. So what do you do? Here are four ways to kick your unneeded food addictions to the curb. food addiction 1. Use the test method. Do you have a healthy relationship with food? Find out by taking the Food Addiction Quiz. It is an assessment that Yale University researchers developed in order to understand if you have some level of food addition hindering your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 2. Know the difference between a staple and a treat. While our bodies used to seek out healthy carbs, fats and sugars, like avocado, grapes and lean meats, today we seek out “hyperpalatable” foods, which are full of sugar, fat and salt. And because we live in a time of busy bodies, we frequently opt for what is easily accessible and cheap — keeping us from cooking and enjoying the types of foods that are best for us. 3. Rein in that reward center. Since hyperpalatables compete with natural foods, we are seeking out the sugary cereals or granola bars versus the beneficial and natural options like a bowl of fruit. This takes control of our brain's reward center, where the pleasure chemical dopamine is housed. So if you choose to start your day off with what should only be an occasional treat, your body will crave that type of food daily. 4. Be aware of your enemy. Feel like certain foods, places or people trigger your addictions when you're trying to begin a healthier diet? Take note of all of your false fix foods, to ensure you won't feel out of control and overeat. Do you have certain ways to keep your food addictions in check that have worked well for you? Source: Fox News

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