4 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying in Just 5 Seconds

When you're being lied to, if feels like the ultimate betrayal. But when you're doing the lying, it seems like it's a great way to innocently get out of a sticky situation. A new study has found that the average person stretches the truth 11 times per week. Say what? This means, that, while you probably don't like to think of yourself as being surrounded by a crew of liars, you likely are. [bctt tweet="4 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying in Just 5 Seconds"] But how can you tell if someone is fibbing to your face? Well, when someone is lying, their body pretty much always rebels through physical signs according to psychologist and lie researcher Paul Ekman, Ph. D. Here are four ways to tell if a lie is coming your way.


After you accuse your co-worker of stealing your idea, they shake their head repeatedly while informing you that they would never do such a thing.


When people lie, the truth flashes across their face just before the brain can get a grip of the situation. You ask your friend if they like your dress and they quickly grimace before saying that yes, of course they do!


Notice that you're normally relaxed friend is telling you something while also using constant hand gestures like pointing, face scratching and fidgeting? They're probably lying.


Liars aren't always the best, and sometimes they might find themselves taking mid-sentence pauses to collect their thoughts ... because they're making stuff up! Would you say you are good at telling if someone is lying? Source: Women's Health

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