4 Ways You Can Have A Healthy Happy Hour Without The Hangover

The struggle is real. Your friends are all meeting up at your favourite bar for happy hour. You've had an insanely long day and want nothing more than to join them but you have a spin class at 6pm. It is important to remember, that the key to a healthy lifestyle is balance. If you are constantly giving up social fun for the sake of your workout, you will be miserable before long. Spending time with your friends can be every bit as good for you. But, if you are going to skip that workout, you should also make the decision to be responsible in your consumption. With that in mind, here are 4 ways you can enjoy happy hour with your buds without having to deal with the hangover:

1. Lose the added sugar

Just in case you missed it, sugar isn't particularly good for you. Sugar can contribute to weight gain but it is also being looked at as a trigger for depression and anxiety. Trust us when we say that alcohol has enough sugar all on its own, you don't need to be adding any more. If you are a cocktail junkie, order as you normally would but tell the bartender to skip the simple syrup or agave. If you like just a simple mixed drink, go for the old standby, vodka and club soda. Club soda is not only sugar free, it can help keep you hydrated which is always a bonus when drinking. If you need a little more flavour than that, add a lemon, lime or orange to your drink.

2. Hydrate between drinks

Happy hour is can be dangerous when you are trying not to go overboard. Not only are drinks often sold at a reduced price, you feel the pressure of a fleeting time frame. But, it is important to slow yourself down. In between your drink orders, order water or club soda. As you may or may not know, hangovers happen when your body becomes dehydrated. If you drink water in the same quantity to your booze, you should be able to appear at your morning meeting, bright eyed and bushy tailed. alcohol-party-shots-vodka-Favim.com-175441 [bctt tweet="4 Ways You Can Have A Healthy Happy Hour Without The Hangover"]

3. Avoid the nachos

Drinking impairs your judgment which makes going for those wonderful looking, greasy foods much easier. With one of your friends, place a healthier order before you even look at the rest of the menu. In all likelihood, you won't be the only one looking to make a healthier choice. If you guys split some grilled chicken skewers or a veggie sandwich, you'll be ahead of the game. But, if you are looking to try to eliminate this temptation completely, eat before you go to the bar. A healthy and filling snack should keep you going until it is time head home.

4. Have happy hour at home

Can you think of a better way to save your waistline or your bank account? Just like when you are cooking, making your drinks at home puts you in complete control of the ingredients. You can bump up your bevvies by adding some fruits and vegetables. If you have a blender, try blending some blueberries and strawberries with a sweet wine for a delightful "adult" slushie. Ask your friends to bring light snacks to ease some of your hosting duties. What do you think? Can you add these hacks to your happy hour routine? Source: Elite Daily

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