Extreme Weight Loss Causes 4 Strange Side Effects

There are a number of risks to being obese and overweight. These include: sleep apnea, diabetes, depression, back pain, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. Consistent exercise and proper eating habits can increase energy and improve lifestyle. Tricia Leahey, phD, Professor of psychiatry at Brown University's Warren Alpert Medical School says that there are several side effects that come with losing large amounts of weight. Four potential concerns can stall your progress or discourage you from reaching your end goal. In order to avoid complications, it's important to monitor your weight. Loose Skin If your looking to acquire tight abs, toning your body is the way to go. Loosing a lot of weight can result in excess skin which is hard to remove. If you find it's hard to get rid of fat, plastic surgery may be the best route. The Blues According to a study from University College London, nearly 2,000 people develop depression when pounds aren't lost. Get tons of sleep and eat healthy foods. If you notice you're becoming preoccupied with loosing weight, look for other alternatives. Hang out with friends and family who have a positive outlook or consider seeing a psychologist who can help shift your perception on weight loss. Lost Love Your relationship with a loved one can suffer tremendously. Encourage them to be on board and together, you can both have a successful transformation. Develop a plan and stick to it. Nothing beats a great support system. Stomach Pain Loosing weight fast creates gallstones. In turn, you will experience stomach pain. Include fat in your diet to ensure that your gallbladder is functioning properly. If your experiencing symptoms like serious stomach pain, fever and nausea, consult your doctor. Have we missed anything?

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