4 Of The World's Most Dangerous Diets

It seems that for decades western culture has become obsessed with diets.  The diet section in my local bookstore is larger than the entire history section.  Most diets are rather innocuous.  They will work for a time because it either involves depletion of calories, elimination of a food group, or the consumption of only one food group.  Then when you inevitably stop the diet you are on...the weight comes back on with a vengeance. The Adkins Diet, South Beatch, Paleo, Low Carb...we've all heard of them.  But here's a compilation of the world's most dangerous diets as a testimonial to how far some will go for those extra 10 pounds. tape worm diet 1. The Tape Worm: This is not a joke.  Beginning in the early 20th Century, tapeworms were marketed at a quick dieting fix for those that struggled to loose weight.  You either eat a worm or ingest a pill with a worm in it.  The worms kill your appetite but also digest anything that you eat which is why drastic weight loss is achieved.  The theory goes that once you reach your goal weight, you take a pill with medicine to kill the tape worm.  But worms have been known to be resistant to the drug and have lived on.  If that's the case surgery must be conducted and the tape worm has to be removed in ENTIRETY or it will grow another worm.  Thankfully the FDA has banned this. cdn-write.demandstudios.com-upload--image-55-B2-33C4B256-18D8-477E-B40B-F77F7554B255-33C4B256-18D8-477E-B40B-F77F7554B255 2.HCG Diet: So hormones can impact your ability to gain and lose weight—but this diet takes hormone therapy to a new level. In the HCG diet, you inject, ingest, or rub a cream on your body to absorb the hormone hCG, which happens to be derived from the human placenta. HCG supposedly opens up your fat cells and allows you to burns fat from problem areas. Although the diet has show weight loss it's most likely because it also requires only 800 calories per day. What’s more, it’s been linked to a variety of health problems, including ovarian hyper stimulation—a life-threatening disorder. cdn-write.demandstudios.com-upload--image-4D-FF-FA065F57-BA29-474D-91C6-62F91EECFF4D-FA065F57-BA29-474D-91C6-62F91EECFF4D 3. Prolinn Diet: In the 70s Roger Linn claimed he had the solution to weight loss.  His diet consisted of eating nothing-problematic.  With a twist added in for good measure: A 400-calorie drink that he called “Prolinn.” The magical potion consisted of slaughterhouse byproducts, including horns, hooves, and tendons. The diet was correlated with heart attacks and a variety of health problems.  Awesome. 9339265_600x338 4.The Cotton Ball Diet:  There's been a lot of buzz about this one lately.  It consists of eating up to five cotton balls dipped in orange juice, lemonade, or a smoothie in one sitting.  What's more is that if you aren't using an expensive organic brand...most cotton balls aren't made of cotton at all but rather bleached polyester strands laced with chemicals.  It's like eating your shirt.    Dr. Ovidio Bermudez, the chief medical officer at the Eating Recovery Center in Denver, said he agreed that downing synthetic cotton balls is similar to eating cloth, or even buttons or coins. Beyond the risk of choking and malnutrition, the practice might lead to an obstruction of the intestinal tract, a trapped mass called a bezoar, said Bermudez.  Over time, the cotton balls could build up and create several blockages or a full obstruction. Either of these conditions could be life-threatening, Bermudez said.
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