From 455 lbs to a Bodybuilder

Grief is a terrible ordeal.  The loss of a parent especially is something that can drastically change the course of a person's life and send them into a terrible downward spiral.  Rich Branscum, 23, was faced with such a tragedy when he was a teenager-his father passed away while he was still attending high school. article-2544165-1AE0829900000578-27_306x589 Losing his father was so devastating that Rich started comfort eating and by the time he was 17 he tipped the scales at 455 pounds.  It was only a trip to his doctor that changed his eating habits.  He was told that if he continued to live the same way he would die by the time he was 21.  With the help of a friend Rich lost 150 pounds in his senior year of high school and then the other 150 during his three years of community college. article-2544165-1AE082A100000578-788_306x552 In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Rich said that in the process of breaking his addiction to food he developed a passion for exercise that will never wane.  He says of the gym, "If you need to get anger out or have a bad day, the gym is there.  It's like my therapy."  Rich dropped down to 162 lbs and then added a total of 90 lbs of muscle back on during his road to bodybuilding. article-2544165-1AE0828500000578-160_634x673 So much of what we are told every day about obesity and weight loss is clinical.  You're at a risk for heart disease, diabetes, etcetera, etcetera.  It doesn't connect or click.  But its stories like Rich's that are so uplifting and that offer hope and a battle plan for us all.  There does come a point when food becomes a detriment to our health and that it doesn't offer comfort and nor does it relieve pain. Wherever you are in your journey and whatever difficulties you are facing-keep on.

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