48 Thoughts A Girl Has When Getting Under Someone To Get Over Someone

Good ol' rebound sex. I have no idea where the theory came from but we've all heard it: the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. I'm willing to bet there are few among us who hasn't had her heart broken and then headed to the bar in an attempt to feel better and ended up dragging some guy home for one night of no strings sex. Is it because we want to be desired again? Is it because we want to convince ourselves that our ex didn't matter that much? It may not be an emotionally healthy way to go about it but it is sure fun at the time. Your ex may never find out about it but it still feels great as a secret form of payback. Here are 48 things a girl thinks when doing the do, rebound style: 1. Wow, I’m having sex. 2. For the first time since [insert name] and I broke up. 3. Take that, ex-boyfriend! 4. This is just the thing to help me get my groove back. 5.  I’ve been in such a f*cking rut lately. 6. What was this guy’s name again? 7. Whatever, who cares. 8. Hope I can get off. 9. It’s not worth it without an orgasm, right? 10.  I’m going to force myself to finish just to spite my ex. rebound sex 11. I wonder what he’s doing right now. 12. Wait. 13. Don't think that. 14. Focus. 15. This guy has a pretty good penis. 16. Rebound sex is awesome! 17. I hope I don't feel like a slut in the morning. 18. Who cares? I just broke up with someone. 19. I broke up with the love of my life, actually. 20. Maybe he was the one, and I just missed out on the best thing I’ve ever had. 21. Omg, girl. No. You are not going to cry during sex. 22. OK, focus. 23. This is the best thing I can do for myself. 24. Wait, didn’t I just read an article about how rebound sex is actually the worst way to get over an ex? 25. Isn’t this supposed to mess me up more in the long run? 26. F*ck it. 27. Oh, God he wants me to get on top. 28. Just go with it and make a quick transition. 29. This guy is pretty cute. rebound sex 30. Maybe I just have my beer goggles on. 31.  Sweet, we’re moving into doggy style. 32.  I’d rather not look at this stranger’s face. 33. He looks like my ex. 34. I miss my boyfriend. 35. NO YOU DON'T 36. I am so drunk. 37. There is no way I’m going to get off right now. 38. I think this was probably a really bad decision. 39. As soon as this is over, I’m putting my dress on and leaving. 40. It would be nice to wake up with someone tomorrow. 41.  Yet, not so nice to wake up with a stranger. 42.  I’m sure he misses me already. 43. Wow, I feel like I’m going to cry again. 44. No. I absolutely refuse to cry. 45. Keep it the f*ck together. 46. Oh, good. He’s finished. 47. Throwing on my clothes. 48. I miss my boyfriend.

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