5 Body Makeovers That Will Make You Want To Workout Immediately

When cruising fitness sites on the internet or thumbing through fitness related magazines, beautiful, perfectly toned people are everywhere. They can, and often do, provide ample inspiration to many. But for some, those images are not enough to get them moving. Sometimes it takes a little more. Cue the before and after pictures! Fit bodies aren't born, they are built. It can be useful to see that the people with the bodies you think you can't attain, may have once had a body just like yours. Here are 5 inspirational pictures and stories to get you motivated. one A whopping 100 lbs makes a world of a difference! She looks like two completely different people. This woman serves as excellent proof that no matter where you start, if you put in the effort and challenge yourself, you can completely change your body! oriiuokqc4tj2pmzaqvf Amer Kamra certainly earned his nickname. He's called "The Hammer", and the reasons appear to be obvious. The most incredible part is that these results only took him five months! If that doesn't make you want to start working out right this second, nothing will! nicole lee lost 70 pounds After two pregnancies, Nicole Lee lost 70 pounds and has now become a famous fitness guru. What's stopping you? p6rmwnfobxbf0h94uizy It doesn't matter where you begin. What matters most is that you begin in the first place! w99jg5rsyfnexsfmqusv Joshua Sundquist is an inspiration. After surviving a battle with cancer and losing his leg, he has gone on to become a Paralympian, writer and motivational speaker. In those moments when you just don't think you can go another minute, think of Joshua and his determination. Power through. In the end, you will be so glad that you did! These are amazing transformations. It may feel like hell at the time, but clearly the effort is worth it! Have you undergone an amazing body transformation? Where did you draw your inspiration? Source: Answers.com  

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