5 Bodyweight Butt Exercises For A Toned Tush

If you want a booty-envy behind, don't waste time on a gym membership! A sculpted ass can be attained with these 5 simple moves!

#1 Gate Swings

Start in a wide squat with your toes pointed outward.  Push off your knees to get leverage, and jump your right leg in front of your left, landing in a standing "cross-legged" stance. Jump your legs back out to a wide squat with your hands at your knees. Push off your knees and jump your legs together, crossing your left leg in front of your right. This is one rep.

#2 Jump Squats

Start with feet shoulder-width apart in a squatting position, arms bent at sides. Come into a full squat and jump as high as you can! Land and lower into a squat. This is one rep.

#3 Wide Squat

Hold a pair of dumbbells in your hands with your arms straight and your palms facing away from you. Keep your hands clasped in front of your chest if you don't own dumbbells. Step your feet apart so there's about 20 inches between your heels. Point your toes out. Bend your knees and elbows, keep your shoulders over your hips, and lower down so your weight is back in your heels. Then straighten your legs and arms. This is one rep.

#4 Leg Warrior

Stand on your left foot with your right leg lifted to 90 degrees and your right knee bent. Lean your torso forward as you lengthen your right leg behind you. Reach your arms overhead for balance as your torso and leg come parallel to the floor. Keep your left knee bent. Hold this position for a few seconds, now bring your right leg forward, and return to standing upright. This is one rep.

#5 Advanced Bridge Tabletop

Sit on the mat with your fingers facing away from you, with about 12 inches between your butt and your heels. Press through your glutes as you lift your butt off the floor, coming into a tabletop position. This is one rep. Try these moves and let us know what your think! For over 115 hours of workouts that will tone your body from head to toe, check out SweatFlix℠. Covering everyone from beginner to advanced, SweatFlix℠ has the perfect workout for you! And with new content being added weekly, you'll never find yourself in a workout rut! Start your trial today! Source: Pop Sugar    

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