5 Common Exercise Excuses And How To Beat Them!

When it comes to adopting a new lifestyle and daily healthy habits, getting started can be the most difficult part. We may want to start that daily exercise routine but, well, we're hard wired to take the easiest path. From an evolution standpoint, this makes complete sense. For our ancient ancestors, calories were difficult to find and so we learned to conserve our energy stores and exert only as much effort as was necessary for survival. inpost Now, times have changed. Calories are readily available and most of us spend our days doing not much of anything. When we try to change those habits, to whip our bodies into shape, our brains stand in the way. We are brilliant at coming up with reasons to not do the one thing we should all be doing! Here are 7 common exercise excuses and what you can do get beyond them:

1. "I have no time."

This is the most common exercise excuse on the planet. And it makes sense when you look at how busy life has become. But the thing is, it isn't an accurate statement. When you take a step back and think about it, you do actually have time, you just don't want to use it to exercise. If you have time to browse Facebook or catch up on Game of Thrones, you have time to exercise. It is time you prioritize activity. If you don't want to give up your TV time, than multitask. There is no reason you can't workout while watching your favorite shows. If it helps, break down your planned activities into more reasonable chunks. Want to fit in 45 minutes of exercise? You don't have to do it all at one time! Do 15 minutes in the morning and a half hour after work. Or break it up into 3 fifteen minute chunks.Do what you need to do to make it work for you. You can get really powerful and effective workouts in under 30 minutes. Don't believe us, check out the over 80 hours of on demand workouts compiled on SweatFlix℠. These will get you going without sucking up all your spare time! 20 minutes is all you need!  

2. "I'm too tired."

Get out there anyway! Exercise is actually a really great way to boost your energy levels. Tell  yourself you will exercise for 10 minutes. If you still feel wiped after those 10 minutes are complete, you can stop. But you know what? Odds are good that after those 10 minutes, you'll be able to do 10 minutes more. Once you start, it is easier to keep going. And even if you do need to pull the plug, that 10 minutes of activity is better than doing nothing at all. If you find you are feeling exhausted most of the time, you might want to take a closer look at your sleeping habits. Try to get between 7.5 and 9 hours of sleep every night and turn your screens (phone, TV, computer, tablet) off at least one hour before you plan to go to bed. [bctt tweet="5 Common Exercise Excuses And How To Beat Them!"] https://www.instagram.com/p/BQo1ltbjrW7/?taken-by=bodyrockofficial&hl=en

3. "Exercise is boring."

None of us like the boring day to day tasks we have to perform. So many parts of our routine are incredibly boring but because they are part of our routine, we perform them without question. Why not look at exercise in the same way? Make exercise one of those non-negotiable daily tasks. Furthermore, exercise doesn't have to be boring. If you don't like running on a treadmill and find it terribly dull, don't do it. Find something you enjoy! Play some basketball, go for a swim in the lake. It doesn't have to be lame and dull. If you need inspiration, try one of these fun summertime activities! Of course, SweatFlix℠ can once again save you from a boring workout routine. Beginner to advanced, bootcamps to shorter challenges, HIIT training to yoga, SweatFlix℠ has you covered. And with new content being added all the time, you'll always be able to find something new and fresh!  

4. "The gym is too expensive."

It is true that gyms can be a bit of an expense. But the thing is, gyms aren't necessary! If you want to exercise, you can do so without a membership. At BodyRock, we believe a fit lifestyle should be accessible to everyone and that's why all of our workout programs are available, online, for free. Our trainers design the programs and deliver them to you at no cost. And you don't have to be advanced to get started with us. The Beginner Bootcamp  is tailor made for people who are brand new to working out or those who haven't broken a sweat in years. As mentioned before, we also have the Intermediate Bootcamp and the DailyHIIT Show. These workouts are real time so Edith, Jacqui and Lisa will be sweating right along with you. Forget paying for a gym and come workout with us!

5. "I have to look after the kids."

Childcare is certainly both energy and time consuming but children should not be the barrier to exercising. Get them involved. As we mentioned before, exercise can be crazy fun. Go to the park and play a game of soccer together or go for a swim. Play frisbee or just go for a walk. Aside from helping to keep you all healthy, these shared activities will set a good example for your child. It will help them to bypass all the other excuses on this list by making physical activity a part of their everyday life. Do it for them and do it for yourself! What excuses have you made to avoid exercise? What did you do to get past them? Share your tips with us!


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