5 Common Foods That Are Damaging Your Hair

When we think of eating well for our overall health, do we consider our hair? Sure you can put nutrient oils and natural shampoos onto your hair, but what you put in your body has an impact on it's appearance, strength and shine too! Are you eating one of these five foods that may be harming your follicles? #1 Fish High In Mercury A lot of fish rates low of the mercury scale, so don't be alarmed if you're a sushi fanatic like me! But do beware of mackerel and swordfish, these two sea farers are mercury magnets that can make your hair fall out or break easily. inpost #2 Juice Cleanses Hang on, aren't juice cleanses suppose to be healthy? Not really. Sugar-ladden juices can fry your follicles and the lack of protein in this type of diet leaves you with thinned out locks. Eating a balanced diet with protein from meats, Greek yogurt and beans is the best way to get this macronutrient into your system and maintain lustrous hair. #3 Sugar As mentioned above, sugar doesn't like hair, and hair definitely doesn't like sugar. Sugar contributes to premature aging and promotes hair loss because it causes your hormones to go haywire! featured #4 Alcohol Alcohol makes you dehydrated, and we all know that spells trouble for your mane. Consuming too much alcohol can leave hair dry and frizzy to the point where no miracle shampoo can treat it! Not to mention that boozy drinks are often full of sugar. #5 Starch Starchy foods like pizza and pasta have a high-glycemic level that is bad for your body in general. Hair health means cutting down on cakes and spaghetti, and eating a clean and more plant-based diet. It may be hard to resist that bubbling, greasy slice of pepperoni and cheese but do it for your hair's sake! What are some tricks you use to get long, radiant hair? For tips on how to eat for whole body health, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan! Source: Bustle  

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