The 5 Most Common Reasons You Aren't Losing Body Fat

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it seems like fat loss is a lost cause. You try but you just can't get there. Well, here are five common reasons why fat loss remains just outside of your reach:

1. You're not eating enough -- either too much or too little.

We all know that eating too much prevents fat loss but eating too little can be just as bad. If you cut your calories too dramatically while exercising intensely, your body's ability to adapt becomes impaired and you will actually end up fatter, as you will be burning muscle in response to the stress. It takes a lot for your body to maintain muscle so when you are not fuelling it properly, it will start nix what it deems unnecessary. Fat is more useful when energy intake is low.

2. You don't have a plan or a support system.

The best way to be successful is to use the resources available to you for assistance. Take a reliable route and stop for help along the way. A really solid plan should include things like, your calorie goals, your activities for each day of the week, and how long you will last in certain phases of the plan. It should be balanced. If you are just trying a bunch of different things and seeing where it goes, you are likely to see some results but not the ones you desire.

3. You're too rigid/restrictive and hate your diet.

Being flexible with your diet is the best way to fat loss success. If you are too restrictive, you'll end up falling off the wagon in a huge way. If your diet isn't one you will be able to maintain over the course of your entire life, it is too rigid. No matter where you are in your journey, being able to stick to your habits will be what leads to success. Real results take time.


4. You're not logging your food.

This part is no fun, I know. But when you are just starting out or looking to get going again, it is important to take a real look at what you are eating compared with what you should be eating so you can make the adjustments necessary to lose fat without messing up your performance levels. Do it for a week or two and see where you are. If you're losing weight and feeling wonderful, than you know you've hit the right numbers. Anything below that and you're likely to feel horrible. If you're gaining, take a look at your calories, drop a few of them and things should start moving the other way. If you have this all written down, it is EASY to sort out.

5. You're not prioritizing performance.

If you are increasing your performance, odds are also good that you are increasing your lean mass. The majority of time you should eat to fuel your workouts with the aims of increasing speed, strength and endurance and spend only a few months a year thinking about fat loss while maintaining performance. Are any of these reasons familiar to you? Fess up! Source: Eat To Perform    

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