5 Cool Ice Cubes

Funky ice cubes are great for making a smoothie at a moment’s notice, or to give a cocktail a neat new twist – these 5 ice cube recipes from some of the interwebs best food bloggers are cool in more ways than one. 1. Edible flower ice cubes, from A Cozy Kitchen: featured here in a rhubarb gin fizz (omg, how good does that sound?) these ice cubes have edible flowers frozen into them for a tasty and fragrant kick to summer cocktails.coolicecubesA-Cozy-Kitchen_Flower-Ice-Cubes1   2. Cucumber basil ice cubes, from Brit+Co: I love basil and cucumber infused water, so adding it straight to ice cubes instead? Brilliant! Great in water, or in a g&t. coolicecubesCucumber-and-Basil_Brit+Co   3. Striped Ice Cubes, from Oh Joy: Graphic designer and found of Oh Joy, Joy Cho serves up some neat striped ice cubes made from juice, fruit, and coconut milk. Simply defrost for automatic smoothie, or add to water or juice for an extra kick of fruit. coolicecubes   4. Cantaloupe cubes, from Scaling Back: freezing the cantaloupe at the peak of their season, then saving them for later, gets you sweet perfect fruit all year round.   coolicecubesScaling-Back_cantaloupe-cubes   5. Nectarine basil ice cubes, from Running to the Kitchen: sweet and savoury together at last, this sounds like it would be delicious in a cocktail, or just to jazz up some plain-Jane water. (people named Jane must hate that expression) coolicecubesNectarine-Basil-Ice-Cubes-Running-to-the-Kitchen Well, I know what I’ll be doing tonight – get ready ice cube trays, we’ll be trying new and exciting things with herbs and fruit.

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