5 Day Booty Blast

We've been focusing lots on working those butts in time for bikini season...and we're not done yet! So we've designed a 5 Day Booty Blast mini challenge! Detailed descriptions of all the moves are available in detail here and here.

Quick Demos

Shoulder Bridge: Lie on your back in neutral spine, with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Your legs are hip distance and parallel. Your arms are extended along your sides. Press the backs of your arms into the mat. Inhale: Press down through your feet to lengthen your spine and press you hips up. Come to a bridge position on your shoulders with your knees, hips and shoulders in one line. Exhale: and lower down – returning to neutral spine. That’s one rep. (Yes it does look like you’re humping the air. So if you feel slightly embarrassed – you’re probably doing it right) One Legged Bridge: Following the same steps as above, laying in neutral spine, you will bring one leg up into a table top position. Keeping one foot planted on the floor and the other leg at 90 degrees, rise up into that bridge position on the inhale and lower down on the exhale. Repeat for both legs. Plie Squats:
Jump Lunges:
    Donkey Kicks:   Clam:   Fire Hydrant:   Full Squat:     Mountain Climbers: )  


30 Shoulder Bridge 40 Plie Squats 30 Jump Lunges 40 Full Squats 30 Mountain Climbers 40 Donkey Kicks (each) 30 Shoulder Bridge  


50 Shoulder Bridge 40 Jump Lunges 50 Donkey Kicks (each) 60 Full Squats 40 Clams (each) 50 One Legged Bridge (each) 50 Shoulder Bridge  


70 Shoulder Bridge 70 Full Squats 60 Donkey Kicks (each) 40 Mountain Climbers 60 One Legged Bridge (each) 70 Plie Squats 70 Shoulder Bridge  


90 Shoulder Bridge 60 Plie Squats 80 Donkey Kicks (each) 50 Mountain Climbers 80 Full Squats 60 Fire Hydrants (each) 90 Shoulder Bridge  


100 Shoulder Bridge 90 Donkey Kicks (each) 70 Plie Squats 50 Jump Lunges 70 Fire Hydrants (each) 90 Full Squats 100 Shoulder Bridge BootyBlast   Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_101129" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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