5 Day Challenge To Improve Your Self Esteem

I absolutely love workout challenges, they’re fun, they have a definitive timeline, and they generally focus on a specific area that needs improvement. You know what we don’t challenge ourselves enough on though? Self-love. (Awwww, sappy moment). Here is a 5-day challenge that I’ve designed to help improve your self-esteem: Day 1: write yourself love notes and compliments and stick them on your mirror. Day 2: Read those notes, and do something nice for someone else. Day 3: Read the notes, hug someone, and eat a really delicious healthy meal. Day 4: Write yourself more notes, and have an awesome workout. Day 5: Read the notes, pick one thing you dislike about yourself and change your perspective about it to a positive one, and give yourself a high-five. Hopefully by day 5 you’ve realized what an awesome person you are, but of course, like most diets or workout regimes, we sometimes get off track, so repeat as needed!  

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