5 Delicious Weight Loss Super Foods

It's not common to hear the term "weight loss foods". Typically food is considered something to be restricted, measured and possibly just avoided when you're trying to lose weight. But here are 5 super foods we want you to eat! They will fill you up, keep you satisfied and actually aid in the pound shedding process. Dig in!   1) Mushrooms   If you're trying to cut down on fatty meat in your diet, mushrooms are your miracle food! Studies have found that swapping meaty entrees for mushroom based meals leave you feeling just as satisfied. Mushrooms are a low energy density food, meaning they can decrease your body's fat intake. Try switching meat for mushrooms in your recipes. 2) Eggs   Trying to shed a few pounds should start with you taking in the most important meal of the day: breakfast. Eating protein packed eggs will keep you feeling full longer, so you won't be craving an unhealthy snack later on. Eggs can be served a variety of ways to always keep it interesting. 3) Apples   Apples are fully loaded with fibre which gives you energy and keeps your stomach feeling full. Try Granny Smith apples as they have a secret extra benefit by helping to grow healthy digestive bacteria in colon. 4) Beans    A high fibre means it takes your system a while to digest beans, making you feel full. Beans can be added to salads, tacos, chilli, soup, dips, you name it! 5) Pears   Pears are more fibre-fueled than even apples! Plus they contain vitamin B2, copper and potassium. These little wonder fruits can be eaten on their own. You can also try them served in a salad with arugula, or with granola and Greek yogurt. Yum! Try out these suggestions and let us know what you think!

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