5 DIY Ideas for Motivation Funtimes!

I am a pinterest-aholic, and lately I went on a bit of a pinterest binge for new ways to motivate myself when it comes to health. (Does it bother anyone else that they haven’t made use of the term “pinspiration”?). I came across a lot of fun ideas, and came up with a few myself, so if you’re looking for some fun new ways to give yourself a motivational edge in your fitness routine, here are five ideas: 1. Put a dollar in a jar every time you work out, when you reach your goal weight or goal amount, use the money to treat yourself, maybe to a new outfit, a gadget you’ve been eyeing on amazon, or a spa day. motivationmoney 2. Inspiration boards – they’re not just for Shoshanna anymore. Yup, they may be a little lame, but putting pictures and quotes that outline how you want to live your life, and what you want to look like, and what goals you want to achieve – will help you achieve this things. So get your scrapbooking on gurl! motivationshoshanna 3. For every pound that you lose, put an item that weighs that much in a cardboard box. Whenever you’re feeling down about not reaching your goal fast enough pick up that box and carry it around for a bit – feel how much you were carrying around before you lost that weight. 4. Write notes on EVERYTHING. Seriously, are you more likely to eat a cookie that says “I’ll kill you slowly” or a bag of celery that says “eat me! Be my friend!” ? (maybe don’t use my messages as an example). workoutBanana-Messages1 5. Make a wishlist on pinterest of your favourite clothing site (mine is modcloth) and fill it with all the things you could wear once you reach your goal weight. (My journey to the crop-top). Similarly, I like to hang up a skinny dress or a bikini somewhere very visible in my room, to remind me of what I want to look good in. motivationbikini As winter hits it’s a bit hard to stick with it, so I would love to know some other people’s motivation ideas! Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99115" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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