5 Do-At-Home Ab Routines From Instagram

The following exercises prove what we at BodyRock have been saying all along: you don't need a gym to workout! These 5 fabulous, fit Instagramers have shared their amazing, creative, effective and challenging ab workouts that can be done in the comfort of your home. With minimal equipment -- we're sure you all have a pillow or a towel lying around, you can blast your abs without having to do a single crunch! So, put on your best gear, pump your favourite tunes and get going! Hit Your Core From Every Angle nana_health Have a staircase? Your abs will scream with this exercise from @nana_health! Pull In Your Waist christine_fitness Who needs a bicycle crunch when you can blast your obliques like this? @christine_fitness is clearly rocking this workout in a gym but it is definitely something you can do at home! Tone Your Butt And Belly annavictoria Sometimes, a good exercise is one that multitasks. These slider exercises from  @annavictoria require stability and concentration but work wonders on your legs, butt AND abs. [bctt tweet="5 Do-At-Home Ab Routines From Instagram"] Flatten Your Belly—In Bed achieving_balance This is a workout that has 'morning' written all over it. You don't even need to get out of bed for this ab burner from @achieving_balance! Grab a pillow and you're set! Pull In Your Low Belly kelseyshackley This great workout from @kelseyshackley works your entire core with a special focus on the lower belly. We hurt just looking at it! Are you excited to give these exercises a try? Do you have an at-home ab routine that you absolutely love? Tell us about it! Source: Prevention

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