5 Easy Steps to Recovering from a Binge

Uh oh.
You slipped up and ate the ENTIRE package of cookies!
It is okay-we all have those days! Don't panic. Breathe. Sometimes we get carried away. Especially with foods we love.
The most common causes of bingeing are anxiety, stress, and depression — a lot of the time, it’s simply a way to numb unhappy feelings. The key to not bingeing to controlling those emotions and redirecting them elsewhere.
5 Easy Steps to Recovering from a Binge
Step One:
Don’t panic! Take a deep breathe. One bad meal or bad day will not make you gain weight. Get your mind back on track & stay focused. Rebuild your willpower and use the slip up as motivation! Step Two: Detox time. Start your day with plenty of water-aim for at least 100oz. It helps to cut up a whole lemon and squeeze the juice into your water pitcher for more detoxifying benefits. Try to drink one glass or 8 oz. of water per hour while you are awake  Step Three:  Begin a clean eating plan, STAT-here is a free 7 day plan to use as a guide. Load up on fruits & veggies. You will need all the vitamins & minerals that you can get to help banish those nasty calories away. Do not touch any junk! Keep your daily grams of carbs & sugars as low as possible. Step Four: Move your body! Lots of cardio is key here because what you want to do is SWEAT out those toxins from all the sugar/carb/fat overload.  Aim for at least 30-45 minutes of running or elliptical to flush your system for the next week.  Step Five: Keep up the good work and continue eating clean and working out. Chances are, you will not see a difference on the scale or on your body! Smile & enjoy. Forget the binge. Just strive to do better and take it as a learning experience. If the itch occurs, think of all the other things that you could be doing instead!   2013-nissan-gt-r-premium_100383855_l       Photo Source: Pinterest

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