5 Exercises to do in the Office

Obviously not everyone has the ability to workout. Or the desire. At the very least I hope you read this and giggle at the possibility of doing a deep squat while your boss tells you that they need that report ASAP. Try for 3 sets of 10.
1.Desk/Wall Push up wall-push-up_300 You can do push ups off anything really. Put your hand shoulder width apart on the wall or your desk. Bring your chest close to the wall or desk and then push off. To switch it up alternate between close push ups and normally spaced push ups by moving your hands close together and then shoulder width apart. (PS - I'm sure you don't wear short shorts and sports bras to work-but you get the idea)
2.Invisible Chair Phone Calls url Who needs a chair? Sit with your back flat against the wall and squeeze your glutes. Try and hold this for at least 30 seconds at a time.  Your phone voice might sound a bit more aggressive but your butt will look great!
3.Desk Triceps Dip
images You can use your desk or chair for this exercise. Place the heels of your hands behind you on your desk or chair (no wheels for this one) shoulder width apart and lower your body towards the floor before popping back up. (just imagine that the bench is a chair or a desk)
4.Copy Machine Calf Raises exercise_calf-raise
Waiting for some copies? Do some calf raises to keep your calm. With feet shoulder width apart rise up on your toes before returning feet flat to the floor. Also, works while waiting for the coffee maker, elevator and the microwave.
5.Seated Knee Tucks seatedlegtucks2
Now, for the abs try seated knee tucks. Sit at the edge of your chair and hold onto the side. Keeping your back straight lean back slightly and pull your bent knees in towards your chest clenching your abs. Slowly lower back knees back down to the floor. Make sure to keep your legs together.
Plus, bring water bottles to work! Get two steel water bottles and use these as makeshift weights. Try bicep curls, triceps extensions, pec flys and shoulder presses!

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