5 Exercises You Are Doing All Wrong

When it comes to working out, there are two ways to go about it:
  1. The wrong way.
  2. The right way.
Are you making any of these common mistakes and doing these moves totally wrong? Here are 5 of the most commonly abused exercise moves: 1. Planks Bad form: Hyperextended spine, torso touches or slopes towards the ground, lifted neck, and protracted shoulder blades. DSC_0359 Good form: Spine is neutral from head to tail, neck is neutral as well, as you are facing towards the ground, and shoulders are down and back. Only toes, forearms, and hands are touching the ground. DSC_0360 2. Lunges Bad form: Slouching forward, back knee is not bent properly, back is curved DSC_0362 Good form: Body is aligned properly, back knee bends enough to form a straight line from shoulder to hip to knee, and back is neutral. DSC_0363 3. Squats Bad form: Arched back, knees & toes turned inward, and knees extend beyond toes. DSC_0364 Good form: Shoulder & back are straight, knees do not extend beyond your toes, and buttocks stay above knee level. DSC_0367 4. Crunches  Bad form: Tucking the chin into your chest, jerking up into a crunch, raising yourself too high off the floor, and not keeping your abs contracted. DSC_0372 Good form:Lift shoulders about 3 inches up and off the floor, neck stays untucked without touching your chest at all, abs stay contracted throughout the exercise. DSC_0373 5. Push Ups Bad form: Elbows flared outward, torso touching the floor or butt is hunched upward, going down halfway or partially bending your arms. DSC_0376 Good form: Hands slightly shoulder width apart, elbows relatively kept close to the body, body is aligned, head is looking slightly forward-not downward, arms are straight at the top of your push-up. DSC_0377  

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