5 Fitness "Facts" That Are Total Bull!

When it comes to fitness, there is a flurry of misinformation stemming from the internet to people at the gym. We want to set the records straight by dispelling these 5 fitness "facts" which turn out to be a load of nonsense. Myth #1: Rest Is For The Lazy! Taking a day to recover from a workout doesn't mean you are lazy, it means you are smart. Rest days allow your body to build up muscle tissue. They are essential for actually seeing "gains". Myth #2: Pregnant Women Can't Workout I think the increase of fit pregnant women popping up on Instagram has helped dispel this one for us. But it is true that pregnant women can workout and stay fit and toned safely! Myth #3: Working Out All The Time Means You Can Eat Whatever, Whenever Nope, totally false. In fact, what you eat has more impact on your fitness and weight loss than exercise. A workout is a waste if you mow down on a greasy pizza afterwards. Myth #4: The Only Way Cardio Works Is If You Overexert Yourself That's certainly not a sustainable way to exercise, or to do anything. Killing yourself over a cardio session isn't necessary. It's actually been shown to be more effective if you smash a super quick cardio sesh and spend more time focusing on weights or HIIT workouts. Myth #5: Running On The Treadmill and Running Outdoors Are The Same Running outside can amp your calorie-burning power by a cool 10%. This is because of the changes in terrain and resistance from wind. Did you believe any of these myths? What are some fitness myths you would like busted?    

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