5 Foods For Your Grocery Bag to Help You Drop 5 Pounds

Ready to drop that last 5 lbs? Or maybe you're just getting started on your healthy eating journey. Regardless, all you need to do is pick up these five simple ingredients on your next trip to the grocery store, incorporate them into your daily meal plan and watch the magic happen!

Whole Chicken

Its juicy, iron-rich dark and low-fat white meats mean lots of options for hunger-squashing meals rich in lean protein.


Addictively crunchy, the leaves of this pale veg—which have next-to-no calories—were made for dipping.

Red Grapes

They're sweet and they contain a compound that can block fat cells from forming.

Snow Peas

These stir-fry faves may help turbocharge fat-burning by up to 30 percent.


A whole-grain-heavy diet can help blast belly blub—and this one's chewy texture is low-fat. Also, it never hurts to be well stocked with the following ingredients: Soy, rice, or cow's milk Chopped raw almonds, cashews, or hazelnuts Lemon Greek yogurt Italian seasoning Red onion 8-inch whole-wheat tortilla Gruyère cheese Cinnamon

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