5 Guys and Girls Share The Strangest Things They've Heard During Sex

All of us, at some point in our sexual history, have heard our partner say something a little weird. Perhaps, it was with all good intentions to be seductive, but failed horribly and will forever be emblazoned in our brains as awkward. Here are what 5 Bustle readers shared about the strangest things they've heard while getting it on: #1 "Say My Name" “On my fourth date with a guy, we were making out and he said, ‘I really want to see you naked.’ We kissed some more and I whispered, ‘Say that again.’ ‘Tina, I really want to see you naked.’ Tina’s not my name, but I went with it (maybe I misheard?) and said, ‘Say that again.’ He said, ‘Tina, I really want to see you naked.’ I pulled away. My name is Nadine—Tina is his close female friend (who’s also married). ‘You said Tina,’ I said. ‘I guess I talk to her too much.’ I’ll say. ‘They sound the same,’ he said, ‘Na-dine and Tee-na.’ I decided to date someone else who could remember my name, not someone else’s.” - Nadine, 35 #2 "The Puppeteer" “The weirdest thing ever said in bed was by a preschool teacher. ‘I want you to put your hand up my butt, and spin it around.’ I was pretty shocked and blown away. Definitely had me half-laughing, half-surprised. I responded, ‘Sure… but we’re gonna need some coconut oil for lube.” - Max, 24 #3 "Come again?"  “About to have sex with a guy I’m seeing. We’re messing around and he whispers, ’Tell me you want me to come all over you.’ ‘No thanks,’ I say. I mean, I’m not a prude but it didn’t sound that appealing and I just thought about the mess it would make.” - Anna, 28 #4 "Twilight Inspired Foreplay"   “After a first date with someone (we’d known each other for years through friends), we start making out on my couch. He starts kissing my neck and alternates between it and my mouth. He then says, ‘You have a beautiful… neck.’ Whaaaat? I thought he’d say I was beautiful, but no one had ever called my neck beautiful. (He loved horror and vampire movies, so maybe that was why?)" - Marissa, 31 #5 "Golden Shower Hour"  “In the middle of fornication, I get asked, ‘Have you ever tried using a Pee Pocket?‘ Out of total left field! When I asked for what, she replied, ‘for golden showers.’ I kid you not!!!” - JD, 40 Okay, so obviously we want to hear from you! What is the weirdest thing you have ever heard in bed? Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_98865" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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