5 Habits of People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight

Ever wonder what it takes to lose weight? You may read a slim down success story, hear someone being complimented by another about how good they look, or notice someone you know looking thinner, but there's a lot of mystery that goes into how they've reached their weight loss goals. Truth is, there are a lot of common habits behind these success stories that may be the answer to your prayers, and that waistline you've been wanting! The experts at MyFitnessPal gathered up some data from their more than 65 million users in order to provide us with the common thread we're all so curious about. success tips 1. They seek social support. "It's generally shown that people who have community and support groups tend to do better," explains Elle Penner, RD, for MyFitnessPal and author of the healthy lifestyle blog According to Elle. 2. They track their food consistently. "A lot of times we eat even without even realizing it," notes Penner. "[Logging] just kind of brings attention to what we're putting in our body—and it also helps people understand the energy that some foods have." 3. They hold themselves accountable by sharing their diaries with other users. "Knowing someone is going to check on you or that they might look at your diary as a source of inspiration can help keep you on track," Penner says. 4. They stay motivated to work out. MyFitnessPal found that its users who choose to connect with apps or online groups are about twice as likely to drop pounds than those who don't. So, check out Sweatflix℠ and get all of your favorite BodyRock workouts in one place! And a Sweatflix℠ membership gives you access to our BodyRock Insider Facebook group where you can seek out motivation and support 24/7! 5. They cook for themselves. "Cooking at home just provides more nutrition overall than eating out, and you can eat a lot more if you cook at home and feel fuller because there's more protein and fiber in those meals," explains Penner. (For healthy meal ideas and menu plans, check out the BodyRock Meal Plan). Are any of these habits staples in your life? Source: Prevention  


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