These 5 Haircuts Will Take Years Off Your Complexion

Looking for the secret to turning back the clock? It's not in a night cream bottle or in a Botox injection, it all has to do with your hair. Have you been debating a new style for summer? Here are 5 cuts perfect for reversing the appearance of aging that are right on trend. For Thick Hair Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 12.46.06 PM It is a popular misconception that once you hit a certain age, your hair should be lopped off. However, longer hair looks more youthful on older women. For thick hair, stick to a cut that is long enough to fall past your shoulders. Ask your stylist for minimal, face-framing layers. For Super Straight Hair 'Water For Elephants' Paris Premiere Straight hair makes facial features more severely pronounced, which isn't a benefit to aging faces. Keeping super straight hair long makes it look flat and limp. If you have straight hair, go for a cut that is layered with side swept bangs. You'll want it to fall just above your shoulders. Your hair should part deeply by the highest point of your eyebrow, which will accentuate your eyes. For Frizzy Hair 2011 Young Hollywood Awards Presented By Bing - Arrivals Age increases the amount of frizz and static that plagues your hair. The length of your hair can have an effect on the frizz factor as well. Try a style where your hair is parted in the middle, and your length falls just past your shoulders. Incorporating anti-frizz styling products will keep things under control while providing rich shine and restorative moisture. For Curls 2011 WE Volunteer Awards Curly hair can be unruly at times, but you don't have to straighten it to make yourself appear younger. Your curly locks should be cut shorter in the front to frame your face, while the back bulk of hair should be thinned out. Curly hair should stay relatively long, and no shorter then chin length. For Wavy Hair Loose waves always give a youthful appearance, as they look healthy and strong. Soft layers will provide your waves with more movement and flow. Ask your stylist for perimeter layers cut in a straight line. You'll add lushness to your waves in no time! Which of these styles do you love? What are some of your anti-aging hair secrets? Tell us!   Do you follow us on Instagram?
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