5 Handy Tips for Great Sleep

It is very rare to find someone who constantly gets their required amount of sleep each night.  Most of the time we hear people complaining about how they only got 3-4 hours of sleep and sometimes it even becomes a competition on who slept less.  However, when you do find that person that constantly gets 8 hours of sleep you also find that they have healthy habits that carry with them throughout the remainder of their day.  Here are 5 moves to copy from avid sleepers that will help you get in the groove of logging 6-8 hours every night. 1) Exercise early.  Research suggests that working out in the morning can lead to better sleep in the evenings.  When you workout your heart rate gets elevated, you are secreting hormones and releasing endorphins.  When this happens in the evening it can take a longer amount of time to wind down, therefore causing you to not fall asleep as quickly. 2) Take Omega 3s.  One Oxford University study found that having higher levels of omega-3s is associated with more restful sleep.  The correlation is due to the increased production of the sleep hormone melatonin 3) Consume less caffeine.  The Academy of Sleep Medicine research suggests taht caffeine consumed up to six hours before bedtime can cut your sleep time by one hour. 4) Eat lighter at night: Studies suggest that eating a diet high in saturated fat before bed can disrupt your body's natural sleep wake cycle and make it harder to fall asleep.  Opt for foods that promote sleep like Greek yogurt and walnuts instead.j 5) Turn off Electronics:  Experts agree that the blue light emitted for our electronic gadgets energize us and tap our bodies production of the hormone melatonin.  Put those cell phones, iPhones, kindles, and all electronics away at least one hour before bed.


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