The 5 Healthiest Superfood Combos

We all know by now that Nutrition is a key element for everyday health. And we also know that eating healthy foods keep our bodies going and in mint condition. But what we sometimes don't know is how to reap the full benefits of what we are eating and how to make it a superfood combination. Food Synergy is a fascinating old food concept and while we know that by eating certain foods we can heal the body we missed out on the part that our body sometimes does not absorb it if not combined with the right nutrient. We all know that eating Salmon, Spinach, Apples, etc. is all good for you. But what if you could combine it with a certain food to make it a more powerful nutrient for the body? Thus much more healthier for you?

Here are the top 5 Healthiest Superfood Combinations:

Add them to your diet at least a few times a week and you'll reap all the extraordinary benefits and supercharge your health.
  1. More Energy = Vitamin C + Iron

    Iron is extremely important for the body and can be found in both leafy greens, oats or even red meat. The problem is that the body doesn't easily absorb iron through plant based foods so the best way to help the body absorb it is to combine it with Vitamin C rich foods. By combing your oatmeal with a glass of fresh OJ you increase the amount of iron absorbed by sixfold. These 2 foods combined together give you energy, cleans your arteries and helps carry oxygen to your muscles, brain & throughout the body. Plant Based Iron: Oatmeal, Legumes, Leafy Greens, Dried Fruit, Artichokes, Tofu Vitamin C Sources: Tomatoes, Peppers, Citrus Fruits (Kiwi, Strawberries also), BroccoliOJ & Oatmeal
  2. Cancer Fighter = Tomatoes + Avocados

    Tomatoes are rich in Lycopene Antioxidant. This carotenoid found in Tomatoes has been known for it’s cancer preventing properties combine it with a monounsaturated fat and boosts the cancer fighting properties making it 4x's more effective.
  3. Antioxidants = Green Tea + Lemon

    It's all about Green Tea these days and we all try to drink it a few times a day but the best way to really reap all it's many benefits is by combining it with even just a squeeze of lemon making the catechin 5x's stronger a DNA repairing heart healthy antioxidant. The Vitamin C in the lemon helps our bodies absorb the nutrients better. Did you know that consuming Green tea whilst eating fish blocks the mercury from entering the blood stream?!Green Tea & Lemon
  4. Muscle Recovery = Bananas + Yogurt

    After a kick-ass workout we know that a Banana is a great post workout food but did you know that by combining it with a zinc rich food such as Yogurt it maximizes absorption of muscle-repairing glucose & amino acids. This combo speeds up the muscle recovery while strengthening muscle cells.
  5. Healthy Heart = Apples + Dark Chocolate

    Apples are rich in quercetin an anti-inflammatory crucial to heart health (especially the peel). Dark Chocolate contains high amounts of the flavonoid a powerful antioxidant. Combine the 2 together and you have a delicious snack that fights blood clots, improves circulations and reduces the chances for heart disease.Apples & Dark Chocolate
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