5 At Home Moves to Tone your Inner Thighs

Being a softball player growing up I am accustomed to large thighs and fuller legs.  As I have gotten older those thighs started to lose muscle tone and gather unwanted fat.  In addition, I am of Hispanic heritage so I generally tend to hold weight in my lower body.  Although it is not possible to spot "tone" areas of your body, it is possible to increase muscle mass which will in turn enable me to burn more calories at rest.  This will help blast the fat off my whole body including those trouble spots that I am accustomed to.

These 5 exercises that you can do at home will help to increase lean muscle mass in your thigh area and the intensity at which you do these will incorporate fat burning into the workout so that you are killing two birds with one stone! You will want to warm up for 5-10 minutes with jumping jacks or light jogging in place to get your legs ready for the workout.

Do each exercise for 12 reps and then move to the next.  Repeat this circuit 3-4 times resting one minute in between each complete circuit.

1) Resistance band side to side squats. (see video below)

2) Sumo Squats: Stand with toes pointed out past shoulder width apart.  Lower yourself into a squat until your knees are over your toes (not extended past) and raise back up.

3) Wall Sit  (aim for 30 seconds) Stand back facing a wall and lower yourself down so your lower back is pressed into the wall in a seated position

4) Single Leg Squat (see video for resistance band tips) or hold on to the back of a chair, raise one leg and while balancing on the other lower your self down as far as you can go (ideally parallel) then press through the heel and raise back up

5) Reverse Lunge:  Stand both feet together.  Step one leg back into a lunge and lower your knee to the ground.  Raise back up and return to starting position.  Switch legs and repeat.




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