5 Ideas for Indoor Workouts

Living in Arizona - has it's few perks... FEW... few few perks..  Such as, fair-weather even in Mid December. We don't experience many rain storms, blizzards, ect so restrictions from exercising outside isn't typical, but to the Arizona native, 50 degree weather can be a reason to not to take a jog outside.
If your key to staying active is outside exercising, there's no need to let a frightful forecast ruin your ability to workout. The best key to staying active year round is to have indoor / at home options ready and available at any given time.
Try some of these weather proof worksouts.
1) Park your Bike: If you like to Cycle, you don't have to stop. Use a training stand to covert your bike into a stationary model that can keep you peddling indoors. Pop in a movie and get moving.   2) Press PLAY:  Probably one of my best go to indoor workouts is fitness DVDs. Fitness videos is like having your own personal trainer at your disposal. Rent a few for variety and get a feel for what you like. Start a workout exchange with friends. Though it can be expensive for the set, P90X and Insanity is a great option and allows you to go at your own pace. I also hear that this BodyRockTv has some pretty great videos with a pretty hot host!   3) Make a Deal: Do you avoid joining a gym because of the hefty monthly cost? Some gyms offer month to month memberships - most of the time, you can talk your way out of waiving the joining fee ;)   4) Hit up Groupon:  Groupon is one of my favorite places to search for new workouts. Every month I'm able to try a new facility for Bikram yoga, boxing, indoor rock climbing, pole dancing fitness, bootcamps, you name it Groupon will have something you'll enjoy and possibly get you out of your comfort zone.   5) Shake and Shimmy: Dancing can be a great in-home workout. As silly as it sounds, I actually do it all the time! Luckily I live alone and the only ones that get the pleasure of see me completely embarrass myself are my pups! Create a playlist of your favorite dance hits, ahhemm Britney Spears' latest CD :) Add in some simple and classic workout moves such as jumping jacks, pushups, situps and you've got yourself the cheapest and most good for your soul workout.  

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