5 Incredible Benefits of Drinking Water

We need water to live. That's a given. We've also been told that staying well hydrated is good for us, so we do it ... right? If water doesn't call your name, and you find yourself only gulping it down when you're thirsty, you may want to listen up! Here are the five best health benefits of water regularly.   1. Aids in weight loss. If this doesn't have you grabbing a glass right now, I don't know what will! Drinking water helps you to shed those extra pounds, says Dr. Child. “Firstly, it quenches the thirst that’s often confused with hunger, plus filling the stomach with water also stretches it, which send messages to the brain to say that you’re full, switching off hunger signals.”  You can also burn more calories by drinking it, since it aids in speeding up your metabolism. Try drinking ice cold water, Dr. Child suggests. “If you drink ice cold water, the body has to raise the temperature of the water to body temperature, which requires energy. So just drinking two litres of chilled water per day will mean you lose 1-2kg of fat over the course of a year.” 2. Boosts energy Before you brew an afternoon cup of coffee, try sipping on a glass of water, which has been found to be your answer for a pick-me-up. This is because dehydration slows down the blood to transport oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. 3. Improves concentration Ever feel like you go through your entire day and can barely retain any memory? You may be dehydrated. Seeing as the body is made up of 85 percent water, it only seems natural that when you dehydrate yourself, your body reacts. Research conducted in 2012 found that being mildly dehydrated caused moodiness, problems focusing and fatigue. 4. Healthier kidneys This liquid aids in detoxifying the body, removing waste products via the kidneys. “The best way to keep the kidneys functioning well and avoid kidney stones is to keep your urine clear by drinking enough water," says Dr. Child. 5. Lowers blood pressure When your body lacks water, our blood becomes thicker, which in turn ups the force needed to pump it throughout the body. This results in a rise in blood pressure, so drink up! Are you an avid water drinker? What benefits have you noticed? Source: Standard Media  

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