5 Leggings Problems Every Woman Can Relate To

Leggings are a staple of many of our wardrobes. Cute, comfy, and totally sexy. You can pair them with a snuggly sweater for a dreary rainy day or throw them on with a sports bra before a run. Either way, we need leggings in our lives. Here are 5 issues leggings lovers must put up with in life: 1. Seeing those crazy funky neon space leggings in the store and wondering if you can really pull them off. There is a rare breed of women who can actually wear these, despite them being sold everywhere. 2. The constant risk of camel toe. You're never safe from the camel toe, but have accepted the fact in the name of fashion.   3. When your favourite pair gets a rip in the inner thigh. R.I.P glorious pair, I hardly knew ya.   4. The mysterious, suddenly see-through leggings. They were fine in the store when you tried them on, but now they happen to become translucent right in the middle of yoga class! Ahh that was a risky downward dog!   5. When your black ones turn grey. You've worn them so much the colour has literally been sucked out of the fabric. But who cares, they're still cozy as hell. Time for this pair of "black leggings you can kinda pull off as pants" to become "around the house leggings".   Can you relate to these leggings problems? We ask the ultimate question: can leggings really be considered pants? Tell us what you think!  

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