5 Men Confess: The Honest Reasons Why They Cheated

So many questions race through a person's mind when they discover their partner has cheated on them. It can damage you for a very long time, especially if you never receive an explanation as to why. We asked 5 anonymous guys to share their reasoning for why they strayed from their girlfriend. Warning: some of these answers may anger you, but you have to give credit to these men for being forthcoming. As for #4, it will shock you!

#1 "I Got Bored"

“I wasn’t ready to have s*x with just one woman for the rest of my life, to be honest. It happens. I don’t really want to talk much about it.”

#2 "I Wanted What I Couldn't Have, It Ended Horribly"

“I spent a pretty long time in ‘the friend zone’ with a girl I was completely infatuated with. I finally gave up on her and got pretty serious with someone else. People always talk about how you want what you can’t have, and there has to be some kind of truth to that because after a couple months of dating the new girl, my friend revealed to me over drinks that she had feelings for me. We went home together that night, and as soon as it was over, I was hit with a bunch of horrible feelings. I wasn’t able to resist, and I feel awful almost every day about that because the girl I had started dating was much better for me. I wish I had realized it at the time because I ended up losing my girlfriend, and ‘friend zone’ girl quickly lost interest when she knew that she had some kind of grasp on me. Now, I’m alone and that girl is no longer my friend. I wish I had at least had the guts to break up with my girlfriend before jumping into bed with someone else. Don’t cheat, guys. It’s the worst idea, and nothing good will come from it.”

#3 "Long Distance Made Me Lonely"

“My girlfriend moved hundreds of miles away from me, and we knew it would be tough, but we tried to do the long-distance thing anyway. I hadn’t seen her for a couple months, which meant I’d been on a s*xual dry run, and one night I hooked up with a girl from work after an office party. I guess I did what I did because of the lack of physical intimacy I was going through. It’s probably the worst thing I ever did to another human being.” INPOST-sleeping [bctt tweet="5 Men Confess: The Honest Reasons Why They Cheated"]

#4 "Blame It On The Molly"

“Let me be clear before I go on: I hate myself for having done this. One Friday night, I went out with a bunch of my friends to some house DJ show. That’s not my scene at all, but I went with them because I wanted to try Molly, to see what all the raving was about. Side note: I hate myself even more now for making that lame Molly/rave joke. I was hoping that my girlfriend would come with us, but she had to work in the morning. But having done the drug before, she told me to have fun and that I’d probably have a blast. After taking the drug, I was overwhelmed with how much I loved every single thing about the world. I can’t explain it in words. It’s something you would have to try for yourself. But I lost all inhibition, and before I knew it I was full-on making out with a random girl at the show. I honestly don’t know how long it went on, but when I came back to some sort of realization of the horrible thing I was doing, I bolted for the door and puked all over the sidewalk once I got outside. Then I took a cab home, sweating like a pig the whole way. I’d been warned that the comedown from Molly was horrible, but I think it was even worse when I was trying to figure out what I was going to tell my girlfriend about cheating on her. I paced around my apartment all night and then after she got off work the next evening, I told her what I had done. I will never take drugs like that again. You probably shouldn’t, either. Take it from me.” rules for lasting weight loss

#5 "I Wasn't Having S*x At Home"

"My girl was going through some tough times, some depression or something even more serious, maybe, but whatever it was, I tried to be there for her emotionally—but she wanted nothing to do with me physically. I tried to be there for her, and I like to think that I was, but eventually I went elsewhere for the physical things that were lacking from the relationship. I basically pulled a John Edwards. But I couldn’t break up with her. I was worried what might happen. Turns out, though, that she had been cheating on me for longer than I had been cheating on her. How f**ked up is it that that kind of comforts me?” Share with us your reaction to these confessions! Are these guys total a-holes? Are some of them justified in what they did? Leave a comment. [caption id="attachment_124285" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_124284" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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