5 Moves to a Sexy Chest

Did you know that training your chest with dumbbells and utilizing functional moves, like the ones in your DailyHIIT workouts, not only develops sexy strong chest muscles, but also Burns a Ton of Calories! Also doing pushups works your abs! It greatly increases your core strength, and tones up flabby arms by targeting the triceps and front of the shoulders. Doing push ups was a standard exercise when I trained in Mixed Martial Arts. Every class we did tons of push ups! I still Love doing them because they are an overall strengthening exercise for your Body AND your Mind. Of course the more you do them, the more you can do and the more variations you will be able to do which will allow you to keep getting awesome results in fat loss, core strength, definition, shape, and tone, as well as stamina and so on....and so on :) I have 5 great Chest exercises for you to incorporate into your current workout routine. #1. DB PUSHUPS WITH ROW   DSC01494DSC01495DSC01491 This is a fantastic exercise! Working your chest, back, shoulders, triceps, and many stabilizer muscles...an excellent Fat Burner. Using DB's allow a greater range of motion throughout the chest which will recruit more muscle fibers. Keeping your body straight, hips parallel to the floor, as you row really challenges your core strength. Try 2-3 sets of 12 reps For beginners start on your knees and work your range of motion. To get the best benefit of a pushup you need to open up the chest cavity allowing yourself to go all the way down so practice that on your knees first and then advance.   DSC01498DSC01497 #2 CHEST PRESS WITH GLUTE BRIDGES I love this exercise because it works your glutes and chest at the same time. It also gets the heart rate up, as most these exercises do. Working your glutes is important for protecting your lower back as well as it provides lower back stability. People with low back pain often have weak and deconditioned glutes. Also, targeting the chest muscles from different angles is important as well for continual results. Try 3 sets of 15 DSC01506DSC01499 #3 DB FLOOR FLYES DSC01548 Who says you can't do DB flyes without a bench in your own home! Sure you can! This is a great isolation exercise. The key with this exercise is to go SLOW. Yes, SLOW. You will use a lighter weight with this exercise and you will really need to concentrate on making a "Mind Muscle Connection"  3 counts down and 2 counts up. And use your pecs to squeeze at the top. Keep a slight bend in your elbows throughout the exercise. Try doing 3-4 sets of 12-15. #4.  DECLINE PUSHUPS DSC01513DSC01514 A really tough exercise, but it's worth it! Even if you do 3 reps, rest, and do another 3 reps until you reach 12 or 15 reps total you will see and feel a difference in your strength in no time. Make sure you keep your back straight, with no arching! Try 2 sets of 15 of these. #5. CHEST PRESS WITH ABDOMINAL CRUNCH DSC01506DSC01510DSC01508 Chest and Abs working together in this one. After you finish the chest press you are going to reach up into an abdominal crunch. Always pressing towards the ceiling, not to the other side of the room because that will stress your upper back. Try 15-20 reps of these 3 times As the saying goes... "If it doesn't Challenge You, It Doesn't Change You"  Challenge yourself to develop your upper body strength and you'll feel and see results throughout your whole body in no time!      

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