5 Moves to Strapless Wedding Dress Arms

Where all my brides at? Summertime is fast approaching, which means it’s almost peak wedding season! Even if you’re not tying the knot, I’m sure many of you are invited to a few … am I right? This is your chance to bust out a strappy sundress and show off hard-earned chiseled  upper bod. My own wedding is in July, so I’m trying to buckle down and tone up the area where it really matters. Since my dress is an A-line, I’m not too worried about the covered areas. But since it’s strapless, I need to make sure I can proudly display some “guns” and not wings. ;) For the fellow brides out there, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best workouts to look good in your strapless wedding dress. I’ll be working on it right alongside you. 1.    The Pushup All right, I’m sure you expected this and dreaded it. It’s such a great full-body workout that kills a few birds with one stone. You can do it anywhere with just you and yourself. Start in a plank position, head up with neutral neck, butt down, and keep elbows unlocked. Make sure your fingertips are turned slightly out and push through the heel of your hand. (I pretend I’m unscrewing pickle jars with the palm of my hand. It makes a difference in muscle engagement.) Make sure your chest muscles are turned on and activated. BONUS: This should help perk up your ladies, too. ;) Muscles worked: Chest, shoulders, triceps, abs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eh00_rniF8E  2. Skull Crushers I mentioned the wings earlier, so working the triceps will be central to keeping those arms tight and pulled in. Start with weights up above the chest, curl arms back, weights either together to the forehead or apart next to the ears. Keep elbows pointed up. Press back up slowly, keeping the shoulders in place focusing on triceps. Muscles worked: triceps (secondary is biceps). You should not feel it in your shoulders.  skullcrushers1   3.    The Plank The starting point for a pushup, this is another great full body workout that targets your entire core. Make sure your bum is down and your body is in a straight line. Keep your neck neutral. Want more of a challenge? Add a row to it. Put some dumbbells in your hands and bend one elbow toward the sky so you work your back more. Just lock your wrists (but don’t lock your elbows) and keep your core tight! Muscles worked: abs, back, shoulders, butt 07c3eb6754d2ce10_Plank-with-Reverse-Row.xxxlarge 4. Lateral Raises  I’ve always loved seeing well-defined shoulders on a woman. Raise your shoulders out to the side slowly until parallel with the floor. When you exhale, carefully lower your arms back down to your sides. For an extra challenge, do this on a medicine ball. Muscles worked: Deltoids, upper back  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geenhiHju-o 5. Tricep Dips This is a great tricep workout for when you don’t have any dumbbells handy. I like to do them at home using a chair, but you could just get on the floor and do them too. Make sure your butt is near the chair, closer to your hands. That way you don’t overdo it on the shoulders. Muscles worked: triceps  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0326dy_-CzM --- Go through this circuit for three round of 12-15 reps a couple times a week and prepare to look awesome in your strapless dress! Remember, don't be worried to add on some heavy weight. Muscle burns fat at rest and will create a great shape.

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