5 Moves to Tight & Toned Hamstrings

 I LOVE this movement of women wanting to develop a Bigger Fitter Booty through exercise and diet!

images54DYKX8X Developing a butt has inspired so many women across the globe to get to the gym or find a great on-line fitness website, such as BodyRockTv to pick up some weights, a sandbag, a kettlebell, or even some water jugs... and get to work! Aside from the aesthetic side effects of this disciplined type of training comes so many internal changes including improved self -esteem, self- empowerment, and my favorite.... SELF WORTH... Women Becoming Strong Inside Out. imagesVQA7TTMI Carving out that time for yourself is important because You Are Worth It!! ....I think that's a Loreal commercial, but you know what I mean ;) SO LET"S KEEP THIS MOVEMENT GOING!!   hot-girl-deadlift My training tips for lifting your backside and creating impressive legs is to make sure you hit your hamstrings regularly, they should not be neglected!! The hamstrings really define the back of the leg when worked properly. The hamstrings are not one single muscle, but a group of muscles with multiple functions. Tightening and toning the back of your thighs will not only streamline your legs but is vital for explosiveness, sprinting, jumping, and even low-back health. dead9  


  1.  Romanian Deadlifts (stiff legged deadlift) - My favorite exercise! REALLY targets those hammies! dead2 keep a slight bend in your knees and hinge forward at the hips keeping your back flat and chest lifted. The key with the Romanian Deadlift is to push your butt way back. You should feel the stretch through your hamstings and glutes. Initiate coming up by driving your heel into the ground and squeezing your glutes. **Use a lighter weight than you normally use on this exercise. Form is really important so do more reps with lighter weight. 2. Single leg Romanian Deadlifts - Another great exercise! Unilateral training good for training your balance as well. Single-leg-RDL-300x192   3. Sumo Deadlift - This exercise is great and will also target and tighten your inner thighs :) dead3dead4  

In the Sumo Deadlift you keep you feet wide apart and point your toes slightly outward in a Sumo position. Keeping your chest lifted and head up keeping your back flat.

4. Barbell Deadlift - Excellent overall exercise for your core, hamstrings, back, and glutes.


Different from the Romanian Deadlift because you will bring your body down while keeping your chest lifted.


5. Kettlebell Swings or DB Swings or Sandbag Swings - Awesome backside burner!

DSC01007DSC01025 Arms relaxed allow DB to swing through your legs. Push hips back, power up through your hips making sure to Squeeze your glutes! Remember with all these exercises to make a mind muscle connection for best results.

Incorporate these exercises into your glute and leg training routine and you will see results!!

It worked for me!!


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