5 Moves To Lose The Gut & Boost The Butt (Infographic)

There are two things we get asked all the time here at BodyRock: how can I lose my belly? and, how can I get a firm butt?

Well, we've got some answers for you. We aren't going to give you any easy solutions or quick fixes -- those do NOT EXIST. But we will give you advice and exercises that will get you moving in the right direction!

With just a little bit of effort, you can completely transform your body! Believe it!


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The following workout is designed to help you strengthen and tone the muscles in your core, like your rectus abdominus which are the "six pack" muscles, transverse abdominus which helps to support the spine, and the obliques which run along the side of the body. But, what makes these moves so powerful is that while they engage the core, they also work the lower half of your body!

Doing these moves will help you to build and develop your glute muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus), your hip flexors, quads, inner thighs, and even the calves!


To complete this workout you will need a set of dumbbells. Use whatever weight you are comfortable using. 

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Take a look at the workout:

Hip Thrusts: 

Using a sofa or bench, spread your arms to the side for support. Walk your feet out in front of you and elevate your hips so your knees bend at 90 degrees and your body is parallel to the floor. Lift your left foot off the floor and straighten your leg so it is now in line with your torso. Keeping your leg elevated, lower your butt toward the floor. Come back up and repeat. Next round, do the other side.

Downward Dog & Plank: 

Begin in downward dog, with your hands and feet on the floor, legs and arms straight, pelvis lifted back and toward the ceiling. Bring your hips forward into high arm plank position so your shoulders are over your hands and your body forms a straight line from head to heel. Tilt your hip to the right, then tilt your hip to the left. Lift your hips back and up to the ceiling to return to start position. Repeat.

Goblet Squat & Pulse: 

With feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and toes pointed out, hold a dumbbell with both hands about hip high. Keep your back straight, lower into a squat. Squeeze your glutes and elevate 2 to 3 inches. Do this twice and then return to standing. Repeat.

Curtsy Lunge: 

Start in a standing position. Step your right leg behind you and to the left, bending both knees and raising your right arm straight out in front of you. Make sure to keep your front knee aligned with your ankle. Come back to standing and repeat on the other side.

Side Plank: 

With your left hand planted on the floor, and your right foot staggered in front of your left, lift yourself up until your left arm is straight and you are in a side plank position. Raise your right arm toward the ceiling, hold for a second, then stretch your arm toward your head so it is in line with your body. Raise your arm back toward the ceiling and bring your hand to rest on your hip. Dip your hip toward the floor, pulse twice and come back up to the plank. Repeat the entire movement.

Next round, do the other side. Do each of these moves for 50 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between. Do the entire circuit twice, two times a week.

BUT, your efforts can't stop there! Getting regular exercise and paying close attention to your core muscles is an excellent start but unless you also pay close attention to what you are eating, you'll not see the results you desire!

That's right, a trim tummy requires a kitchen overhaul! But trust us, once you get in the habit of eating well, you'll ever want to go back! We've included some general tips to help you get started as well as a list of foods that will fill you up, without filling you out.

You can learn more about these tips, and find creative recipes that utilize these foods, in The BodyRock Meal Plan.

For more tummy taming, booty boosting moves, check out the 5 Days To Sexy Abs & Butt Challenge now available in SweatFlix℠!


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