5 Myths About Sugar You Should Stop Believing Immediately

Every single day, the information seems to change. We are told to do one thing to stay healthy and the next day, new information tells us to do something else entirely different. It is hard to know what to believe. Harder still, it is hard to know who to trust. If you are trying to lose weight (or even just eat healthier) it is highly probable that you are limiting sugar in your diet or have switched to 'healthier' options like cane sugar. If you are using artificial sweeteners and eating 'sugar free' options, then you've got to be doing the right thing, right? Maybe not. Check out this video from Business Insider that debunks 5 common sugar myths: https://youtu.be/sLaf1dV5AyE Is this helpful information or just more of the same misleading and confusing ridiculousness? h/t: IFL Science Burn off those extra calories by incorporating this workout into your schedule. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSzwKCql63g dailyhiit.com/fatburnchallenge

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