5 Of The Worst People You'll See At The Gym In The New Year (Photos)

January has arrived. The month when everyone attempts to turn over a new leaf, digs out their workout gear and tries, yet again, to adopt a serious workout routine. For people who already hit the gym on the regular, this month can feel like hell. Sure, everyone has to start somewhere but the people who have no idea what they are doing can be distracting as all get out. While it is wonderful that people have had at least enough motivation to leave the house and give it a go, they can still be frustrating to deal with. Here is a look at some of the worst people who are about to start hogging your favourite equipment:

The People Who Don’t Own Workout Clothes

pgzUjB7l So, working out in your everyday clothes is not technically a problem. It is sort of the same as people who go swimming in their t-shirts. It isn't 'wrong,' but people will still think you are bizarre. Maybe some people are more comfortable in their jeans at the gym and while comfort is key, we still have to ask, jeans? Seriously, jeans?

The People Who Are Too Into Workout Clothes

9dXIvrtl For most people, you grab your workout gear and go. Is it clean? Yes? Good to go. But, not everyone thinks that way. There are lots of people who appear to spend more time putting together their outfit than they actually do working out. If you are 'lucky' enough, you will see that special person who believes it is essential to wear a helmet on a stationary bike. [bctt tweet="5 Of The Worst People You'll See At The Gym In The New Year (Photos)"]

The Phoneatics

4HaOKl We've all been guilty of checking our phone at the gym. You never know who is trying to get in contact. You may want to take a moment and sit down on one of the benches and text away but it is absolutely crucial that you remember WHAT THOSE BENCHES ARE FOR. They are designed for people attempting to lift heavy weights! If you are only interested in working out your thumbs, do so standing up, please and thank you.

The Selfie Models

K1g14lDl Unlike the phoneatics, these people are relatively harmless. Those folks are obsessed with finding the right shot. The right lighting, the right angle to make it look like they've made more progress than they have.

The Work-Out Entrepreneurs

Tzjsol Some of the most frightening people are those who think they know what they are doing when they actually have no clue. These are the sorts of people who throw the kettlebell in the air and attempt to catch it. These people are not only irritating but are a total danger to themselves! When you spy these people, workout as far away from them as possible! There is an upside here and it is important that you remember it. By the third week of January, the majority of these people will have returned to their sofas and the gym will once again be your happy place! Which January gym behaviours irritate you the most? Source: Elite Daily [caption id="attachment_124518" align="alignnone" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption] [caption id="attachment_124519" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat logo @BodyRockTV[/caption]  

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