How 5 people lost 748 lbs!

Yes you read that right these 5 people lost a total of 748 lbs, that is an average of 149 lbs each. They were each carrying around, feeding and clothing another person on their frame. OK back to reality for me. What really struck me about this story that People Magazine featured was the advice each of them gave as to how they lost the weight and kept it off, the also shared a little bit on how they gained so much weight too. These are some truly inspiring everyday people and we can take something away from each of their stories.

 kaitlyn-ekstrom-then-435 kaitlyn-ekstrom-now-435

Kaitlin Ekstrom  WAS 263 LBS. NOW 127 LBS. At her heaviest point she admits to eating a box of waffles as a side dish with dinner. After finding out her mom was battling cancer she switched her eating habits to more greens and lean proteins. She has also eliminated white flour and credits her initial weight loss to her dog whom she had to walk up to eight times per day. She now allows herself a cheat meal every two weeks and teaches 25 fitness classes per week, she says that her mother inspired her fearlessness. ginger-stauffacher-then-435 ginger-stauffacher-now-435 Ginger Strauffacher WAS 263 LBS. NOW 132 LBS. She shares that after her third pregnancy she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism which makes it difficult to lose weight. She gave up hope and led her to gaining 100 lbs in four months, she would buy 2lb bags of candy and eat them on her drive home. After a heart scare she joined Jenny Craig and started with 10 minute exercise videos. She now runs 4-6 miles per day and completed a half marathon! sharee-samuels-now-435 sharee-samuels-then-435

Sharee Samuels WAS 256 LBS. NOW 135 LBS.

She shares her pain of being a teenager wearing a size 24 and not being able to find cute clothes. Her life changed when she studied overseas in Scotland, she learned how to eat healthy and walked everywhere. She lost 68 LBS by the time she arrived back home. Her journey has not stopped there, she now teaches Zumba and follows a vegan diet.

kodi-seaton-now-435 kodi-seaton-then-435

Kodi Seaton WAS 350 LBS. NOW 175 LBS.

Kodi had an incredible story, he suffered from sexual abuse as a child and used food to make himself unattractive. That all changed when he turned 25 , he given a reality check by his doctor who told him with his families history of illness and his current lifestyle he was living selfish. He committed to walking and now runs half marathons every year, he is now inspired to share his story.

debbie-lazinsky-then-435 debbie-lazinsky-now-435

Debbie Lazinsky WAS 318 LBS. NOW 133 LBS.

Debbie struggled with emotional eating that lead her to difficulties conceiving. When she had a miscarriage things really spiraled down and lead her to gain 185 LBS. Her turning point was seeing her weight on the scale and hearing her doctor tell her that she would be dead before 60. She now incorporates cardio five times per week as well as 2 strength training sessions. She did reward herself but it was never with food, instead she would treat herself to a manicure.

WOW 5 incredible stories but they all had their own reasons for losing weight and they all reached their goals a different way. The take away is definitely consistency and patience. There is not just one way to lose weight or a magical path that will get you there, you have to be willing to make sacrifices and put in a little work. The outcome is always worth it!


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