5 Places You Should Never Have Sex (And 5 You Can If You're Careful)

I think we can all agree that sex is grand! But, having sex in a less-than conducive environment could have you singing a different tune. Think about it, I'm sure you can come up with a few poorly chosen locales. Glamour asked 10 women to share their real life experiences of sex in places that didn't really work out so well. Check it:

Absolute No Gos:

1. In a moving car. “Let’s just say a random homeowner’s flower bed didn’t look so good after my boyfriend veered off the road while I was giving him a blow job,” says a 24-year-old woman. 2. In your friend’s car. “When you’re borrowing a friend’s car, don’t get busy in the backseat,” says a 27-year-old woman. “You will leave behind some evidence and die of embarrassment later.” 3. On a hike. “Scratches. Scratches everywhere,” says a 25-year-old describing her experience getting it on in a secluded spot in the woods. “I still have a scar, but I don’t still have the guy.” 4. In a public pool. If no one's around, “It sounds like a good idea,” says a 29-year-old woman, “but all it takes is a splash of chlorinated water in your eyes to totally ruin the mood.” Or the arrival of a group of kids ready for swim practice. 5. On the sand. Sex on the beach: “Romantic? Yes—until you get sand in your lady parts,” says another 29-year-old woman.” Always, always find something to go between your bum and the sand, like a beach chair or large towel.

Tread Lightly Locales:

1. In front of your bedroom window. “You think you’re safe because you’re on the sixth floor,” says a 31-year-old woman. “But then you happen to glance across the street and spot your neighbor watching you as if you were on his TV.” 2. On the kitchen countertop. It's private, it's sturdy, and it's hot. Just one think to keep in mind: “Now, whenever I prep dinner, I wonder to myself, did I really clean this well enough to cook on it?” says a 26-year-old woman. 3. At your parents’ house. “Maybe you get away with it,” says one 23-year-old woman. “But if you don’t, you’ll wish you would have just waited for the safety of your own bed.” 4. In a public bathroom. “Young, drunk, and stupid,” says a 29-year-old. “That’s the only excuse I have." While it's not always the slickest move, as long as you don't touch anything, and as long as the line of people waiting isn't already 10 people deep, it's not the worst place to hook up "if you find yourself turned on and ready to sneak into a bathroom," she says. 5. In the ocean. “You think you’re far enough out that no one knows what you’re doing,” says a 31-year-old woman. “But they totally do. And they will never let you live it down.” Time to be brave, Body Rockers! Where are your no nookie places?

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