5 Problems Only Girls Who Lift Will Understand

Bucking a social norm is never easy. And although things are changing, lifting weights has historically been a male domain. Girls who lift have been known to "cause" confusion and misunderstandings but still refuse to let it stop them! And why should they? girls who lift Here are 5 problems faced by girls who lift:

1. Hearing they no longer look feminine.

Being feminine is so much more than one's appearance. Being feminine comes from within. It is a strength, it is a passion. It is a confidence and vulnerability. Not one of these things is altered by lifting weights.

2. Feeling 'big' around girls who don't lift.

As mentioned before, things are changing but at this point, the majority of society still expects women to be tiny and small. But when you think about it, does it really matter? The 'feeling big' is all in your head, and what you do with that feeling is up to you. Fit and strong are entering the mainstream, you're just ahead of the curve.

3. Developing big, visible traps and quads.

Lifting changes the body. Lower fat percentage, more muscle mass, slimmer waist and noticeable traps and quads! But the thing is, your body was built for this. Not only were we made to move, we were made to lift and carry things. Don't fight the natural changes. The only real challenge that comes with these changes is finding jeans that fit!

4. Explaining your BMI to doctors who don't lift.

BMI is a dubious way to measure anything. The formula is far too simple to accurately say much in this case. It fails to account for actual fat percentage. So, if you have a nay saying doctor, don't worry too much. You're active. You're healthy. Never mind.

5. Constantly explaining to people why they lift.

Because it brings you joy. That's the simple answer and the only answer worth giving. Anything more is no one's business. You don't have to justify a thing. Heck, if they tried it themselves, they'd know. Are you a girl who lifts? What is the biggest problem you've faced? Source: BOXROX  

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