5 Quick Easy Breakfasts

The entire list can be found here, and includes 28 quick and easy breakfast choices, and although I will definitely be trying out a few of those recipes I decided to sift through and highlight these breakfast options that are pretty much no recipe required. Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich quickbfast1 Cut into slice, smear with peanut butter, add any toppings you like such as currants, raisins or pistachios, then put back together like a sandwich.   Breakfast Popsicles quickbfast2 Alright, technically this is a make ahead recipe so it takes a bit of forethought, but it’s just so easy I had to include it. Add a bit of yogurt to a popsicle mold, add whatever fruit you like, add more yogurt to fill the popsicle mold, and freeze.   Strawberry granola wrap quickbfast3 Spread cream cheese or goat cheese on a tortilla, sprinkle granola, strawberries, and basil on, drizzle agave or honey on top if desired, roll up tightly.   PB&J: Yogurt Edition quickbfast4 Place yogurt in a bowl, top with peanut butter and jelly, sprinkle peanuts and cut up grapes on top if desired.   Toast with refried beans and avocado quickbfast5 A bit of tex mex flair for breakfast. Toast bread, spread with refried beans, add avocado, onions, and a dash of sea salt.

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