5 Reasons Your Belly Pudge Won't Budge!

Did you know a small amount of belly fat is good? It acts a protectant for your vital organs. But a lot of belly fat is dangerous, causing inflammation that can be linked to diabetes and heart disease. Are you doing everything you can and yet that stubborn spare tire is still hanging on? Here are 5 reasons why you can't shed your belly pudge:

#1 You're on a low-fat diet

Ironic, right? Well it's proven that you need good-for-you fat to blast away the bad-for-you fat. Try eating lots of fish like salmon, olive oil and plenty of nuts and seeds to get those healthy fatty acids into your system.

#2 You're a pop addict

Soda pop is loaded with sugar, plus other harmful chemicals that can lead to excess belly fat. Kick the habit and start drinking lots of water to cleanse your system.

#3 You're eating processed foods

Food that comes from a box is likely laden with a chemical additives and a ton of added sugar. Start eating fresh fruits and veggies and avoid processed, packaged foods when possible.

#4 You're low on magnesium

This mineral is found in soybeans and bananas, and can help boost your metabolism and reduce your belly fat! Dark, leafy greens are also rich in magnesium so fill up on healthy salads!

#5 You're neglecting relaxation time

Stress can cause the creation of pudge in your midsection. So take up yoga, try meditation, aromatherapy or all three to help relax your mind and body and release tension.

What are some tricks you have used to reduce belly fat? Share them with us!

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