5 Reasons Why You Can't Imagine Life Without Your Best Friend!

Best friends are their to laugh with us and cry with us and dream with us about the future. We really would be lost without them! So here are 5 reasons why your best friend is one of the most important people in your life! (P.S. don't forget to tag your BFF in this post!) #1 You and your best friend always agree on going out to the club for drinks or just chilling in bed watching Netflix and eating pizza. Either night is totally cool, and will no doubt be filled with laughs. pizza date best friends love #2 Your best friend knows the girl code and will pretend to be your lesbian lover when a creepy dude hits on you at the bar! girls drinking partying #3 Your best friend is the main character in some of your wildest and craziest stories, but always is part of all your inside jokes. friends fun best love #4 Your best friend is not afraid to be honest with you. She'll tell you if the guy your seeing is a loser or your outfit looks ridiculous. She's not being a bitch or overly critical, she's just comfortable letting you know the truth. selfie best friends #5 You always see the weirdest sh*t when you're out together! You guys are pretty convinced you need your own reality show for the crazy things that always seem to happen to you! workout buddies What are 5 reasons you love your best friend? Share them with us, and him/her!  

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